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Industrial Building Services

Polished concrete is a superior floor finish that your co-workers, employees or clients will thank you for. You will get a flatter surface that is resistant to tire marks, brighter appearance with increased light reflectivity, and safer and slip resistance when wet or dry.

Why polished concrete floors? Simple, polished concrete is practically maintenance free and never needs to be replaced. It even protects against marks caused by truck, forklift and heavy equipment. Concrete grinding and polishing will reveal the most brilliant, vibrant, durable, and practical floor of all.

It is practically maintenance free and offers a lower initial cost compared to most other floor coverings, no down time waiting on chemical processes, one time application process with minimal subsequent maintenance, and lower maintenance costs with less wear on cleaning equipment.

Diamond buff existing polished concrete floors to revive that old faded shine. If you have had your polished concrete for some time but want to bring back that shine, call us we can have your old floors looking like new. Diamond buff will bring your polished concrete floors back to the shine they had when first installed.