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Food Plant Sanitation Procedures
sanitation procedures development When it comes to the development of sanitation procedures, as part of an effective sanitation program, vocal and active support by managers is vital in making sanitation as a plant-wide priority.
Managers and personnel of food processing companies need to understand the Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that apply to their plant. GMPs contain both requirements and guidelines for manufacturing of food products in a sanitary environment.
We Can Develop your Plant Sanitation Program
Industrial Build Serives, has helped clients across the country develop food plant sanitation procedures. Contact us today to learn how our staff can help you meet your food safety goals.

GMPs, the USDA, and the FDA
Various governmental organizations have developed GMPs for different food products:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforces GMPs for a list of food products that include milk, cosmetics, seafood, and pharmaceutical drugs.

The Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), has regulatory authority for most meat and poultry products.

The Importance of SSOPs

Because SSOPs constitute the foundation of your plant's food safety program, they should explain, in detail, how your sanitation program would operate.

Creating and implementing effective SSOPs can become a challenge for many food processors, but FSS can help you at each step. Give us a call today to get started