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Industrial Building Services

Your employees’ personal pride in the workplace and care for the facilities is often tied to how well you maintain the workplace – including the floors. Regularly scheduled sweeping of your plant or warehouse floors keeps dust and dirt from bothering employees and interfering with electronic and mechanical equipment, helping to keep your industrial facility running smoothly.

With our industrial grade floor debris removal machine we will quickly collect all dust and debris with multiple passes. We also pre-treat any stains as needed. Once we have completed the dust, debris, spill, and stain removal to our satisfaction, we then commence with the floor scrubbing process. With our top-of-the-line industrial "ride-on floor scrubbing machine," we adequately scrub and clean your warehouse floors while ensuring a safe, dry and clean warehouse floor. We use only products that are water based, non-toxic and biodegradable!

Periodic, scheduled scrubbing is an integral part of preventative maintenance by removing greasy build up, adhesives, and tire marks that interfere with productivity and diminish the look of the workplace. Power sweeping and scrubbing is the fastest and most effective way to clean warehouse floors and combines environmental sensitivity with good business sense.

By utilizing our professional, well-maintained specialty equipment, you can benefit from our ongoing or one-time floor cleaning services in parking facilities, industrial plants and warehouses.